Surnames of Interest:
Most recently associated with Pulaski & Wayne Counties, Kentucky:
Abbott, Baker, Cassada, Coffey, Cummins, Davis, Gregory, Jones, Loveall, Martin, Roberts, Vaughn, Walker, Worley

Most recently associated with Jefferson County, Kentucky and surrounding area:
Greenwell, Vogel

Most recently associated with Chicago, Minnesota, Sweden and Norway:
Thue and Backman

I have been interested in genealogy since I was a teenager. I began my early research transcribing my maternal grandmother’s recollections of family history, and then verifying and supporting the facts with census records and tombstone inscriptions. My mother and I worked together in the beginning – back in the day before online databases and blogs; back when research was all pen and paper, microfiche and film and you waited for documentation to be delivered in the mail.

My mother is gone now, but we spent many happy hours pouring over census records, driving from cemetery to cemetery to photograph stones. I have notes in my files in Mom’s handwriting, which are a treasure to me.

I am strictly an amateur, however I have always been committed to being as methodical and accurate as possible. Now that my children are gone, I am ready to focus more intently on my family history projects.

This blog will include my family history as well as that of my husband. It is our hope that our children will one day cherish the family who came before them and helped make them who they are.



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