Sarah Elizabeth Cummins Cassada (1856 – 1929)

Sarah E. Cassada obituary, Anderson, Indiana, Anderson Daily Bulletin, November 14, 1929, page 6, section 1:


Sarah Cassada was born Sarah Elizabeth Cummins on March 28, 1856 in Whitley County, Kentucky. Her parents were James Cummins and Nancy Hill.

Sarah married Samuel Monroe Cassada on October 16, 1879 in Pulaski County, Kentucky. Sarah was 22 years old, Samuel was 26 years old; this was the first marriage for both.

Sarah and Samuel had twelve children born between 1880 and 1901. My paternal grandmother, Lutie Mae Cassada was the oldest, born on August 25, 1880 in Sloans Valley, Pulaski County, Kentucky.

The surviving children mentioned in the above obituary are: Mrs. Claude Councellor (Geneva), Mrs. Robert Davis (Lutie, my grandmother), Mrs. Paris Davis (Olive), Mrs. George Lorton (Laura), Mrs. Max Terhune (Maude), Mrs. Moreland Fleming – (Monnie), Oscar Cassada, Arthur Cassada, Harley Cassada.

Sarah was preceded in death by her husband Samuel and three children: Edgar, Pearl, and Delbert.

Sarah Cassada was returned to Kentucky for burial at the Oak Hill Church Cemetery, Somerset, Pulaski County, Kentucky.


6 thoughts on “Sarah Elizabeth Cummins Cassada (1856 – 1929)

    1. Funny! I imagine it did! There is a lovely picture of Sarah (she is my great-grandmother) standing near a barn with her horses. I think I might have been tempted to hop up on one of them and ride away! :^)


  1. Hello! I think there is a pretty good chance that we are related. I have a Casada Family book that Wanda Worley (daughter of Beulah Cassada Worley) put together in the 1990’s. It’s wonderful but at times hard to follow. It says on page 10 “Samuel Monroe Casada was born Feb. 12, 1853 and died Sept. 25, 1920. On Oct. 16, 1879 Sam married Sarah E. Cummins at the home of James Cummins. Sarah and her parents were born in Whitley Co. Ky. Sarah was born March 28, 1856 and died Nov 14, 1929. They are buried in the Oak Hill Cemetery in Somerset, Ky. In 1890 Sam owned 75 acres of land valued at $75.00 His nearest neighbor was Stephen Casada. Thier children are: Lutie…Fred…Max…Clyda…Catherine…Sam…Reba…Ocar, Stella, Gladys…Claude…there is more but I am not sure if it is their kids or someone elses kids. I am the granddaughter of a different Oscar Cassada (son of Hayden and Ida) from Pulaski Co. KY. I am not sure how Samuel and Hayden connect but I think it all goes back to someone named John Casada (there is (was?) a John Casada Cemetery somewhere back there in the midwest. I am sure the answer is in this book but it is a bit hard to quickly follow and I am doing the college thing in my 40s and know I have spent more time n this than I should have today already!
    Geneva Marie Dougal (born Geneva Marie Cassada and adopted on paternal side as a Brown and married to a Dougal)

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  2. Hi! It appears to me that we are 3rd cousins 1x removed. Your Cassada parent and I are third cousins. We share Lewis Cassada and Sarah Anderson Cassada as common ancestors.

    Lewis and Sarah had several children; you are descended from their son john A Cassada and I am descended from his brother Samuel. Hayden is John’s son.

    I feel very confident in this information.

    As for Wanda Worley’s book – I would live to see that book. If you don’t mind sending me the title when you have time, I would appreciate it. She did make some errors though, it appears. In the above list of Sam and Sarah Cummin Cassada’s children “Thier children are: Lutie…Fred…Max…Clyda…Catherine…Sam…Reba…Ocar, Stella, Gladys…Claude”, Lutie is indeed their child (she is my grandmother), however, the names that follow are her children, my aunts and uncles. Some of her children; my father Claude was 10th of 13 children, all gone now.

    As for the spelling – it was really quite optional, apparently. Sometimes there is one “s”, sometimes there are two!

    Thank you so much for touching base. It is exciting to “meet” a new cousin!


  3. Hi! I think the book must have been something that she took to a printer and had printed up and just distributed to family. I found her…(she is like in Ohio?) and she told me she had written it and requested $20 for it and then she sent me a book (if I remember correctly, that was about 1994). It’s probably something I could take to a copy shop and have them copy. It might be even better to find her and she if she has a pdf version or updates. I wonder if I will get a bunch of spam if I put my email on here. Well, I am on FB under the same name and you could reach me there. The book is upstairs when I get a chance I will see if there is come contact infomation on Wanda Worley but I don’t think I have had much success in catching up with her. I might have her address in an old address book too.


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